Award-winning NASA scientist appointed as Director of Research

January 2018: Steve Cotter, CSST CEO, has announced the appointment of Delwyn Moller, PhD, as CSST’s Director of Research.  Dr Moller was born and raised in the Waikato and studied at the University of Auckland before undertaking her PhD at the University of Massachusetts. She went on to design and implement technology for NASA space missions. 

Throughout her career, Dr Moller has developed innovative state-of-the-art remote sensing systems for measuring critical aspects of the Earth’s surface to support science, research and applied sciences with applications ranging from mapping ocean currents, ice-surface topography, surface water hydrology, snow depth mapping and soil moisture retrieval.

She will be moving to Central Otago from Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two children.

Independent Research Association of New Zealand

IRANZ is an association of independent research organisations. IRANZ represents the collective interests of members by undertaking activities aimed at creating a positive operating environment for Independent Research Organisations in New Zealand.

IRANZ member organisations make vital contributions to a broad range of scientific fields, and offer an important complement to university-based and Crown Research Institute research. Our smaller sizes and greater flexibility provide an environment that is particularly conducive to innovation and end-user engagement.

IRANZ member organisations:

  • Are ‘independent’ (non-government owned);
  • Carry out high-quality scientific research, development or technology transfer;
  • Have strong linkages with end-users;
  • Work in a diverse range of settings and subject specialities;
  • Derive a significant portion of their work from Government research contracts;
  • Collaborate with universities, Crown Research Institutes and research departments of industrial organisations; and
  • Having varying governance and ownership arrangements.

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