Briefing for the Incoming Minister

November 2017: IRANZ briefing about Independent Research Organisations for the new Minister of Research, Science and Innovation. Briefing for the Incoming Minister (PDF 806KB)

Annual Review

IRANZ Annual Review 2016 (PDF 1.7MB)

IRANZ Chair Dr John Bright from Aqualinc launched IRANZ’s Annual Review on at a reception in Wellington on 24 November 2016.  IRANZ’s eleven IROs employ over 500 staff, have combined sales of $80 million, which includes $30 million of Government research investment, $30 million of stakeholder investment, and $20 million work for clients.

The Annual Review highlights how IRANZ Independent Research Organisations (IROs) are a vital and unique part of New Zealand’s science ecosystem, they are all different and they are a great way of enabling New Zealand to increase high-impact research by business, economic sectors, and the community. IROs consistently provide quality science outputs that provide high-impact results for their stakeholders and New Zealand, several examples are featured in the Annual Review. The Annual Review also gives key information on each of the IRANZ IROs.

Connections eNewsletter

Connections aims to keep you in touch with what's happening in our member organisations, especially with some of the great research being conducted. Please click here if you would like to subscribe to Connections. It is usually published three times per year.

Read the latest issue: Connections 21: June 2018

  • CSST space hackathon reimagines tech
  • Lincoln Agritech heralding workforce robots
  • The latest from BRANZ on YouTube
  • Too much oxygen can kill says MRINZ researcher
  • IRANZ welcomes Malaghan Institute
  • HRC commitment brings depth and breadth to independent health research
  • Cawthron innovation delivers more accurate results faster
  • 24 times return on investment from HERA's Welding Centre
  • Aqualinc research shows groundwater's contribution to CHC liquefaction
  • TiDA fuels appetite for metal 3D printing
  • BRANZ research: Moving to medium-density housing
  • Motu: Coping in the face of climate change
  • Local students experience real life aquaculture science at Cawthron
  • Motu's Suzi Kerr appointed to Interim Climate Change Commission
  • New minerals institute CEO seeks industry input
  • Health and safety focus for HERA

Download previous issues of Connections:

Connections 20: March 2018

  • Creating a better NZ through R&D tax credits
  • Research to optimise king salmon production
  • Malaghan securing medical discovery in New Zealand
  • CSST partnership to bring AIS data to the Pacific
  • HERA: Kaikoura earthquake challenges met by steel construction
  • Lincoln Agritech in Antarctica
  • LASRA’s pioneering work on leather collagen
  • Young NZ researchers making an impact on the world stage
  • BRANZ: Learnings from Canterbury
  • Cawthron: Seafood safety
  • Motu: Migrants, productivity, and the construction sector

Connections 19: December 2017

  • IRANZ welcomes new minister
  • IROs garner Endeavour funding for leading research
  • Monitoring NZ's road bridges and ports
  • IRANZ welcomes Centre for Space Science Technology
  • Mussel shells cleaning up mine sites capture international interest
  • Grads awarded MRINZ MD degree
  • Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities
  • Best practice for moving freight
  • IRO scientists recognised at RSNZ awards
  • Changing of the guard at HERA
  • Technology for aquaculture
  • New videos explain emissions trading

Connections 18: August 2017

  • Production, protection and adding value
  • Impacts and implications of climate change
  • Pharmacy Research Network roll out
  • Rebuilding better neighbourhoods
  • Research to reduce rural nitrate discharge
  • NZ’s marine biosecurity
  • New Water Allocation Management Framework
  • CNZM and an MPI Award for Cawthron's Dr Lesley Rhodes
  • Verified blind bolt meets industry need
  • Understanding leather tanning
  • Seeing into Pounamu

Connections 17: April 2017

  • Public transport in growing cities
  • Active transport in growing cities
  • Groundwater – a mysterious resource
  • Aquaculture park world class
  • From medicine to marine science and back again
  • Air pollution in schools
  • Geothermal projects full steam ahead
  • Productivity in NZ's urban areas
  • CSST closer to launch
  • Improving survival for the critically ill

Connections 16: November 2016

  • Launch of the IRANZ Annual Review
  • New Regional Research Institutes announced
  • Water research round-up / Printing our way to Olympic glory
  • Trans-Tasman success story for bridge design
  • Lincoln Agritech to lead research into better grape-yield forecasting
  • ORCID launched in NZ
  • Opus Research - Paving the way for Wellington’s smart motorway
  • Beasley awarded Hercus Medal for health research
  • World Energy Scenarios 2016

Connections 15: July 2016

  • BRANZ hosts last National Science Challenge
  • New Chief Executive for TiDA
  • Prof Eason elected Companion of RSNZ
  • Research has ‘global implications’ for water use
  • Charting a course for New Zealand’s low-emission future
  • The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones
  • Climate reform through R&D and industry leadership
  • Synthetic gases, carbon costs & NZ’s core industries
  • Why do people die in road crashes?

Connections 14: February 2016

  • Curbing pesticide spray drift 
  • Small stuff is going big 
  • Reducing flood damage to NZ homes
  • More muscle for NZ mussels
  • Freeing up water for others
  • Cities of the future
  • Healthier urban transport 
  • Kiwi household emissions report 
  • LASRA presents findings at the 2015 IULTCS Congress in Brazil
  • AGGAT Paper Wins Best Paper Award at NZGW 2015
  • Cawthron Foundation launched to address environmental challenges

Connections 13: October 2015

  • The significant impact of New Zealand’s first science organisation
  • New IRANZ Chair: Dr John Bright
  • Lincoln Agritech launches four new research projects
  • Waterproofing New Zealand roads
  • CRL Energy launches new CMER site
  • Printing bespoke furniture
  • Revolutionising the scampi fishery
  • Marsden Fund under the microscope
  • BusinessNZ Energy Council Energy Scenarios
  • The first Above Ground Geothermal Global Conference

Connections 12: September 2014

  • TiteNZ wins at KiwiNet Awards
  • Celebrating Lincoln Agritech’s 50th
  • Opus New, Purpose-Built Wind Tunnel is Now Operational
  • Motu Partners in a new Centre of Research - The Centre for Complex Systems
  • MALDI Imaging
  • New CB3 Mine Services Ltd Spontaneous Combustion Test
  • Adaption of international fatigue provisions for new Australasian bridge design standard
  • CRL Energy Scoops National Environmental Award
  • Developing a natural pesticide solution
  • Aqualinc adds a new tool to New Zealand’s Water Quality Limit setting toolbox

Connections 11: Dec 2013

  • Science & Industry Partnership Strengthened
  • Changes at CRL
  • New Research: Introducing the Wheel of Water
  • Productivity of New Zealand Firms
  • Breakthrough in Didymo Research
  • Low Cost, High Precision Diagnostic Platform - A Golden egg for Menexis Ltd
  • Heel Shock Absorption
  • New Research leads to Revised Seismic Design Guide
  • Assessing the effects of Vibration
  • Testing Building Resilience
  • New Chief Executive for BRANZ
  • Networking Success: International Titanium Powder consolidation & Metallurgy Conference 2-4 December 2013

Connections 10: June 2013

  • Lincoln Ventures is now Lincoln Agritech
  • Future Streets
  • Seismic Response of Underground Services
  • CB3 Mine Services Launch - Making Mining Operations Safer
  • Are a Country’s Policies and actions sustainably increasing its wellbeing?
  • New investment a positive sign for New Zealand Oyster Industry
  • Fat-Liquor distribution in Leather
  • National Award recognises local leaders’ground breaking success
  • Building a better New Zealand: The research strategy for the building and construction industry
  • Changes at IRANZ

Connnections 9: December 2012

  • Motu makes climate change film
  • Earthquake Hydrology: Seismic Pumps or Broken Pipes?
  • Stretching the knowledge of leather
  • Mine Hazards
  • Transformational Research for Geothermal Energy & Waste Heat Plant
  • Rebuilding Canterbury
  • New Furnace Delivery
  • New Leader for Precision Agriculture
  • DNA Innovations for Aquaculture Monitoring
  • The Value of Prevention

Connections 8: August 2012

  • Adding value to exported ovine skins
  • Cawthron Analytical Services concentrates efforts on supporting New
  • Zealand Exporters
  • Cawthron appoints Professor Charles Eason
  • Foreign language versions for IRRICAD irrigation design software
  • Introducing Motu
  • Managing quake-induced springs
  • Mobile phone apps for improved driving
  • Opus translates road surface research for industry
  • Sampling the sea floor’s phosphate
  • The continued growth of laser sintering
  • WAVE goodbye to moisture problems!

Connections 7: April 2012

  • Nelson citizens see science, education and industry in action
  • New filters for the gas industry
  • Lincoln Ventures adapts new technology for spray drift research
  • CRL Energy research programme earns gold rating from Government
  • Transport, Energy and Urban form: The future
  • Crash course for seismic performance in steel connections
  • First Super-B train hits Hawke’s Bay roads
  • CRL Energy partnership awarded six year environmental monitoring contract
  • Happenings at BRANZ

Connections 6 December 2011

  • Independent Research Organisations and New Zealand’s Base of Science and Innovation
  • Precision agriculture collaboration for Lincoln Ventures
  • Carbon Capture and Storage: a key technology
  • Prestigious UNESCO award for Cawthron Institute scientist
  • European Integrated Fire Engineering and Response COST Action
  • Slowing down for safer roads
  • Building for the wind
  • Powder Processing, Consolidation and Metallurgy of Titanium Conference

Connections 5 August 2011

  • Supporting Innovative Functional Food Exports
  • Aqualinc’s Wheel of Water
  • Conference links Metals Research and Industry with the Market
  • New Manager for Lincoln
  • Ventures Groundwater Quality and Management
  • Upgrading BRANZ’s research and testing capabilities
  • Nano-leathers create novel market opportunities
  • Recovery from Earthquake
  • Safer, Stronger, and Longer Lasting Road Surfaces
  • CRL Energy finalist in Wellington Gold Awards
  • CRL Energy opens new office in Westport
  • TiDA joins IRANZ

Connections 4 May 2011

  • New nanofibre venture
  • Exciting prospects for merino skins
  • Alternative Stainless Steels
  • New Global Energy Scenarios
  • Examining urban densification and liveability
  • Many hands make light work of groundwater management
  • Fuel Efficient Driver Training
  • Fit for the Road
  • Thermal performance of light steel framing
  • WAVE of information
  • Directing the Spray - the science behind spray formation, deposition and drift
  • New Aquaculture R&D and Education facility

Connections 3 December 2010

  • Applied research: Value for New Zealand
  • Earthquake tests New Zealand’s steel construction standards
  • CRL Energy provides tools for environmentally sustainable mining
  • Sheep Leather Footwear Innovation
  • Aqualinc determines economic cost of irrigation regulations
  • Cawthron scientist honoured
  • IRRICAD: Setting the standards in irrigation design software
  • Heat pumps on the rise
  • Using road design to lower speeds

Connections 2 August 2010

  • Funding New Zealand’s research capability
  • New Zealand steel floor deck products achieve international standards
  • How research can change an industry
  • Smart technology delivers birdseye view for cricket
  • CRL Energy explores the potential of Coal Seam Gas
  • Be prepared to recover quickly
  • Water allocation and river health

Connections 1 May 2010

Independent Research key to the nation’s Science and Innovation capability

  • HERA fire research lowers building costs
  • New WAVE of BRANZ research
  • NZ/US collaboration brings robotic submarine to Tasman Bay
  • International award for paper on geosequestration
  • Biosensor and toxicity analyser commercialised through SciTOX