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Groundwater & Water Management

Aqualinc Research Limited

Aqualinc's core purpose is to equip New Zealand for world-class water management through scientific and policy research, technology development and deployment, and water management advisory services. Our research contribution to the body of knowledge required for managing the sustainable use of water is focused on groundwater (the quantity and quality of water stored and flowing between beneath the land-surface), irrigation, and strategic water management. Aqualinc is the leading independent provider of irrigation expertise across the policy-to-practice spectrum of the New Zealand water sector.

Building & Construction Research


BRANZ is the building and construction industry's primary provider of independent research and information.  We provide specialist research into building material and systems durability, fire and structural engineering, sustainability (including health, energy, water, and life-cycle analysis) and industry economics. We also provide high-quality publications and education materials via numerous channels. Our expertise base also means we are able to offer consulting, testing, and product evaluation services for manufacturers. BRANZ manages the Building Research Levy, and applies it for industry and national good in pursuit of better built buildings.

Environmental and Aquaculture Research

Cawthron Institute

Cawthron Institute provides research based solutions for sustainable management and development of coastal and freshwater systems and resources, and analytical support for the food industry.  The institute works with clients and other research organisations throughout New Zealand and internationally, from its laboratories, offices and an aquaculture research facility in Nelson.  It is owned by the Cawthron Institute Trust Board.

Energy and Environmental Research

CRL Energy

CRL Energy is an energy and environmental research and consulting company, with specialist knowledge in new energy technologies (hydrogen, biomass conversion, advanced coal conversion) energy modelling, geological assessments and environmental impacts (causes and mitigation options). CRL Energy offers research, consultancy and testing in the areas of fossil fuel energy, particularly coal related, exploration and mining, fuel quality and use and environmental monitoring.

Space Research

The Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST)

Based in Alexandra, the Centre for Space Science Technology (CSST) was established as a Regional Research Institute in 2017. They plan to develop space-based science for New Zealand. The New Zealand economy is heavily influenced by climate, weather, and natural hazards and CSST will pioneer the use of spaceborne measurements to enhance our economic security and improve environmental stewardship, delivering tangible benefits to society. CSST will source space-based data from, and contribute data to, a data conduit on the order of petabytes per year. Selected data from this pipe will feed a national satellite data repository maintained by CSST on behalf of New Zealand. The CSST archive will also feed a data product generation engine which, together with measurements from a New Zealand-dedicated CubeSat programme, will be used to generate tailored products for use in New Zealand’s regions and elsewhere. CSST seeks to extend the research and development capabilities of organisations working in allied industries. CSST works with experts from external research and development organisations, including universities, CRIs and IROs, who work alongside CSST teams to develop and, in collaboration with allied industries, deliver products to users.

Metals Engineering Research

Heavy Engineering Research Association

Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) is an industry owned, membership based, non-profit research and industry development organisation dedicated to servicing the needs of metal-based industries in New Zealand. While the emphasis of its activities is on heavy engineering, HERA is also servicing wider metals industry interests such as in light-gauge steel, stainless steels and light alloys. Through its specialist staff, it provides a combination of research, training, advisory, industry development and promotional services making it the national centre for metals based product design, manufacturing technology and inspection and quality assurance.

Leather & Shoe Research

The New Zealand Leather & Shoe Research Association

LASRA is the leading research and technology provider to the hide, skin, leather and footwear manufacturing sectors in New Zealand and Australia.  They engage in research from the farm to the consumer and provide technical support to exporters. LASRA is the major provider of safety footwear testing services in Australasia. 

LASRA is a registered Private Training Establishment operating courses in leather manufacturing technology.

Primary Sector Research

Lincoln Agritech Ltd

Lincoln Agritech is a research and development company that applies innovative engineering and science technologies to support agriculture, industry and the environment.

Lincoln Agritech areas of expertise include: smart sensor and measurement technologies utilising microwave sensing, machine vision and biosensors; ground water research to understand ground water processes and supply tools/models for effectively managing ground water quality and allocation; chemical application research and training for the development of best management of pesticide use, sustainable primary production and environmental protection; Irricad - a computer software system for designing all types of pressurized irrigation systems.

Human Systems Research

Mackie Research

Mackie Research specialises in human systems research and consultancy projects. They have specialist expertise in:

Transport: Road safety systems, active transport, schools, user-friendly transport infrastructure and systems, truck driver requirements, health and transport;
Human systems and ergonomics: Equipment evaluation, workplace systems, urban systems, sport & recreation, biomechanics, high performance sport, technology usability; and
Evaluations: Formative, process and outcome evaluation of interventions, programmes and initiatives in the transport, sport & recreation and health sectors.

Medical Research

Malaghan Institute

The Malaghan Institute has an international reputation as a leading independent biomedical research and training facility, contributing new scientific discoveries and innovative research to be applied for a whole range of human diseases. Their researchers believe the key to fighting disease lies in harnessing the immune system, the body’s own natural defence. Their pioneering research programmes focus on immunotherapy, gut immunology and cell biology to seek better treatments for diseases affecting people worldwide – including cancer, asthma and allergy, multiple sclerosis and infectious diseases.

Medical Research Institute of New Zealand

The Medical Research Institute of New Zealand (MRINZ) is an independent medical research organisation. It is a charitable trust located in Wellington with over 40 staff. MRINZ medical scientists are dedicated to investigating the causes of important public health problems, to use this knowledge to improve the prevention and treatment of diseases, and to provide a base for specialist training in medical research. MRINZ has a focus on research which has the potential to lead to improvements in clinical management.

Economic and Public Policy


Motu Economic and Public Policy Research is a non-profit research institute that carries out high quality, long-term, socially beneficial research programmes.

It aims to promote well-informed debate on public policy issues, placing special emphasis on issues relevant to New Zealand policy. Ongoing areas of research include environmental regulation, particularly around emissions trading and water quality, housing and homeownership, labour and population economics, infrastructure and economic geography, national savings, and the evaluation of national wellbeing and sustainability.

Cities & Infrastructure Research

WSP Opus Research

WSP Opus Research provides a broad range of high quality research, specialist consultancy and laboratory services to improve the design and performance of infrastructure for commercial and government clients. They have a proud history dating back more than 50 years to the New Zealand Ministry of Works when the company provided experimental research that informed the design and construction of major national infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric power schemes and state highways. Today their researchers work in multi-disciplinary teams to address challenges as diverse as transportation safety, road performance, and the resilience of communities and businesses to major natural hazards.

Transport Engineering Research

Transport Engineering Research NZ

TERNZ is an independent research company focussing on transport-related issues. Our mission is to improve the efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability of the transport sector. We fulfill our mission by providing high quality, unbiased, independent information and analyses, to both the government and the private sector.

Titanium Research and Development

Titanium Industry Development Association (TiDA)

TiDA is at the leading edge of titanium based products using powder metallurgy consolidation processes.

Demand for titanium products has greatly increased over recent years, with consumer demand for laptops, mobile phones and sporting goods. Additionally, the aerospace, medical and automotive industries use titanium to advance complex parts and products. TiDA provides titanium research and technology to enable all industries to unlock the opportunities that titanium offers. While TiDA’s focus is on titanium alloy powders, TiDA’s expertise extends to powder metallurgy with other metal and ceramic powders.