About Us

Why was IRANZ formed?

IRANZ was formed to promote communication among member organisations and further the pursuit of common interests, especially with respect to issues that affect government research funding and member access to funding. IRANZ formalised itself as a non-profit incorporated society in 2009.

What are the benefits of membership of IRANZ?

IRANZ provides a variety of valuable services to members, including a presence in Wellington and the opportunity to share common concerns with similar organisations across New Zealand. IRANZ has a Wellington-based Executive Officer who works with the IRANZ Executive to keep members abreast of new developments in Government and its agencies; and to educate policymakers about the contributions of independent research organisations to innovation and economic development in this country. As the profile of IRANZ as a representative organisation in the science sector increases, Government ministries and agencies are seeking more IRANZ engagement and feedback.

IRANZ members meet every few months in Wellington. Each meeting provides opportunities to meet with key Government and Science sector figures important to Independent Research Organisations. For example, meetings in 2009 provided members with the opportunity to meet with the Minister for Research Science and Technology, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister and leaders from MoRST and FRST. In addition, IRANZ provides an informal forum throughout the year for discussion of sector issues.

For any membership enquiries, please email: information@iranz.org.nz