Mike Meehan new CEO of New Zealand Institute of Minerals to Materials Research

Mike Meehan

Mike Meehan has been appointed CEO of New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research.

Mike Meehan, the chief executive of the West Coast Regional Council, has been appointed CEO of the New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research.

NZIMMR Board Chair Raelyn Lourie says, “The Institute is extremely privileged to have attracted a person of Mike Meehan’s calibre to the role of CEO.”

“Under Mike’s Leadership we will accelerate our current projects, including the construction of two laboratories to deliver on the NZIMMR’s vision of adding value to New Zealand’s mineral resources.”

Mike was appointed WCRC chief executive in 2016, following 11 years in various roles in the organisation.

Experience in regulatory roles, as planning and operations manager, and as chief executive has seen Mike interact with all levels in the mining sector.

He has held positions on the Local Government New Zealand Policy Advisory Group. He chairs the Civil Defence Co-ordinating Executive Group, is a Director of Pest Control Research Limited, and is also currently chairman of the West Coast Rugby Union.

Mike lives with his wife and two daughters in Greymouth and has a strong passion for the West Coast having moved from Christchurch in 2004.

“Someone said to me at the time I moved that the greatest export item from the West Coast was 19-24-year olds,” says Mike Meehan, “Since hearing that remark, I have been looking for opportunities that would allow those in that category to come back to the Coast.”

In taking up the role as CEO of NZIMMR, Mike says he is focused on working with the Board to enhance and deliver on their strategic plan.

“I believe that NZIMMR has the opportunity to transform the way we think about minerals into the future, by working alongside iwi, the community, government and private industries to accelerate the projects we have in play and look for other opportunities around New Zealand we can take to a commercial proposition.”

“NZIMMR plays a pivotal role in adding value to New Zealand’s rich endowment of mineral resources, combining this with world-leading technologies, to deliver a more sustainable future for all. NZIMMR has the opportunity to create materials that will put New Zealand on the world map, and ensure our future as a country is bright,” says Mike.

More on the NZIMMR

Established in 2018 and based in Greymouth, the NZIMMR is one of four Regional Research Institutes. Its purpose is to research new economic opportunities from adding value to New Zealand’s mineral resources, including low-emissions technologies.

Projects the NZIMMR is pursuing are: increasing gold recovery from alluvial mining, economic recovery of rare earth elements, tungsten metallurgy, opportunities for mining silica, new opportunities for pounamu, and advanced carbon materials.

Since inception the NZIMMR established a Board of Directors chaired by West Coast company director Raelyn Lourie, and has appointed around 10 staff, including with experience in materials science, geology, chemistry and metallurgy.

The NZIMMR’s work supports the Government’s Minerals and Petroleum Resources Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand 2019 – 2029, in respect of promoting a domestic minerals industry.

For more information see the NZIMMR web site.

Date posted: 20 May 2020

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