Climate reform through R&D and industry leadership

July 2016

Marine energy has long been on HERA's radar as an R&D and business opportunity with real promise. Photo: HERA

Mounting international pressure has forced many countries to look again at their commitment to curbing climate change, and New Zealand is no exception. Recent statements made at industry associations’ organised “Yes we can symposium” by the Minister of Energy and Resources and Associate Minister for Climate Change Hon. Simon Bridges confirm the government is taking the Paris Agreement seriously and wants to meet targets.

For the heavy engineering industry and HERA reacting to climate change is two-fold. “We’re working hard to not only reduce our own carbon footprint in day-to-day operations, but drive research and development in renewable energy and clean heat processing technologies to enable others to make positive changes in the industrial sector,” says HERA Director Wolfgang Scholz.

“Our AGGAT programme is testament to this commitment - driving advances in technology that utilise untapped geothermal resources and waste heat to convert into cost effective and clean energy. We’re also set to explore the wave and tidal space to generate energy from the ocean.

“Given our stake in the game, we’re committed to playing an active part in carbon reduction – and recognise this transition is not only needed, but most importantly achievable.”

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